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1803 S Bloomington Street, Streator, IL 61364 /  Tel. 815-673-5027

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What Sets Us Apart?

Variety of Selections

66 Apartments - 6 Buildings - 3 Locations

Helping you find the apartment which best fits your needs and wants.

Different layouts, styles, and locations make for an abundance of selections.

Check out our Locations and Apartment Previews!

Local, 24/7 Landlords

Local, Family-Owned & Operated

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Available to our tenants 24/7.


Providing professional, personal service which cannot be matched by out-of-town owners or out-sourced property management companies.



All of our apartments are well-maintained and cared for. 

Cleanliness is of top priority inside and out.

Each apartment goes through a rigorous maintenance and cleaning process before being re-rented.

Excellent Maintenance

24/7 maintenance.

A vast array of maintenance supplies, fixtures, and components kept readily in stock.

Proper and timely solutions to all maintenance issues.

Preventative maintenance performed routinely.

Lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal provided.

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About Us

Town & Country Apartments, a local, family owned and operated business, prides itself on providing quality apartments and outstanding service, which ensures all of our tenants enjoy "Quality, Worry-Free Living". Evolving through 4 generations, Town & Country Apartments today owns, manages, and maintains 66 apartments throughout 6 buildings at 3 locations in Streator. Being lifelong residents of the Streator area, our family is proud to be active members of the community and avid supporters of various local schools, teams, clubs, and organizations. Town & Country Apartments is proud of the vast knowledge that has been passed down through the generations, which helps us today to proudly provide our tenants with the "Quality, Worry-Free Living" all tenants should expect and receive.

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1803 S Bloomington St. Streator, IL 61364
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